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DUEX is a leading enterprise engaged as a manufacturer and exporter of Refrigerant Dehumidifier, Tray Dryer, Rotary Dryer, Water chiller etc. of international standard quality which work with greater efficiency and longevity. The company is established in the year 1992 by Mr. Nitin M. Thakur –BE, MBA. We, at DUEX endeavor to deliver the latest Technology with Automation. We are certified by ISO 9000:2008. Our Clientele includes Government as we ... View More


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Fruit tray dryer- DUEX fr

Fruit tray dryer- DUEX fruit tray dryer comes under COLD dryer category and is in use for dry fruits, fruits, mango pulp, jackfruit pulp etc. DUEX fruit dryer though takes time but useful where food item to be dried with utmost care for taste, texture and smell

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Rotary dryer- DUEX rotary

Rotary dryer- DUEX rotary Dryer is used for chemicals, food items, wood chips, cow dung and innumerable applications. Its available in electric and gas versions for engineering and pharma industry. DUEX Rotary Dryer is very user-friendly and one labour can handle the entire machine, its safety features allows even unskilled labour to hand the machine very safely. Loading at one end in hopper and unloading at another end makes it an ideal solution for the production line. Its Paddle-Harrow design optimises drying area for optimum energy consumption vs % drying.

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Flameproof dehumidifier-

Flameproof dehumidifier- Versatile and economical DUEX flameproof dehumidifier for Ammunation and Petrochemcial departments. It utilises FLP enclosure to avoid any spark generated and is certified by CMRI. It covers max 2500 SFT and more area multiple machines are desirable.

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Rotary dryer- DUEX rotary

Rotary dryer- DUEX rotary dryer is versatile for continuous production for chemcial, pharma, Production rate ranges from 100 kG per hr to 20 Ton per hr Heat source range from LPG, CNG, DIELEL, LDO, Furnace oil etc

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