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DUEX is a leading enterprise engaged as a manufacturer and exporter of Refrigerant Dehumidifier, Tray Dryer, Rotary Dryer, Water chiller etc. of international standard quality which work with greater efficiency and longevity. The company is established in the year 1992 by Mr. Nitin M. Thakur –BE, MBA. We, at DUEX endeavor to deliver the latest Technology with Automation. We are certified by ISO 9000:2008. Our Clientele includes Government as we ... View More


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Tray dryer- DUEX manufact

Tray dryer- DUEX manufacturers multi utility tray dryer for innumerable applications like- Moringa leaves, Agarbatti, Fish, Fruits, Chemical powder, Wood, Coal, Coconut, Spices, pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Unani, sugar cubes, Clothes etc. It come is various tray sizes ranging from 2 to 500 trays to suit all industrial needs

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Rotary dryer is universal

Rotary dryer is universal machine for multiple applications where all season drying is required. Material like grains, Spices, fish, leaves, mud, chemical powder etc can be dried in Rotary Dryer. Heater source required for Rotary Dryer could be Electric, Gas, Wood, Oil etc.

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Tray dryer Agarbatti drye

Tray dryer Agarbatti dryer Incense stick dryer- 40-60-100 kG models are available; Incense stick or Agarbatti dryer works on 230 V power supply. Duration for drying varies from 30 minutes to 2 hrs depending on loading, wetness and oil content. Pl contact DUEX for details.

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Tray Dryer is used in var

Tray Dryer is used in variety of applications like food drying, paan, chilly drying, Mushroom, fish, dry fruit, spices, wood, supari, moringa leaves etc. Tray dryers comes in 2 to 500 tray capacities and temperature range varies from 100-200-300 deg C. Tray dryer are versatile in operation and easy to operate with 1 ph and 3 ph variants. Tray Dryer comes in single and dual chamber configuration. We use Nicr heavy duty heaters to have lifelong troublefree operation.

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